Saturday, August 2, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy is Groovy to the Max

I'm typing this as I listen to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. So groovy. This isn't really a review of the movie -- it's more of a reminder that you need to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters. I will say that IMAX 3D is beyond beautiful.. worth the premium price, if you ask me.

Like most people, I had limited knowledge of this particular team when the film was announced. I did read a few comics of each character, so I wasn't completely in the dark going into the theater. Guardians of the Galaxy opens up a whole new universe, serving as a nice gap between The Winter Soldier and Age of Ultron.

GOTG has a bit of everything. Action. Laughs. Tear-jerky moments. Satisfaction.

Oh, the soundtrack is delicious to my ears. Nevermind. I already said it was groovy earlier.

Pictured above is the IMAX poster. Ridiculously awesome. My buddy Jesus and I got our tickets earlier in the day, but weren't given the poster initially. We honestly forgot about them, but saw people in the lobby holding them, so that's when we remembered. IMAX poster giveaways have been great this year, but GOTG has the best one ever. Godzilla is a close second.

This is definitely a release day purchase for me when the Blu-Ray comes around. I might even go for the 3D version since it really shined in plenty of scenes. Plus it might be the only way to get a slipcover. Marvel's 2D Blu-Ray releases haven't had a slipcover since Iron Man 3.

Big Hero 6 could be a Disney sleeper later this year. It is the first time Disney is animating a Marvel property. Last year was probably the first time everyone heard of Big Hero 6 -- except me and maybe 0.005% of comic fans in this world. I'm definitely looking forward to watching it opening night.

The theater was quite busy for the following 9:45pm IMAX showtime. Forgot to take a picture inside. I was already out the door planning the next time I'm watching GOTG in theaters. Almost sure it will be on Tuesday.

All photos taken and processed with VSCO Cam.