Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Galaxy Anticipation

Just some of my Monsters.
I'm due for a new cell phone this year. The upcoming Galaxy is my top choice at the moment. All I ever wanted for the past couple of years was an iPhone, but I've grown to embrace the Android system.. just as I have embraced all things Google for apps. It just makes sense.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger

I had my first Five Guys burger yesterday, which happened to be the regular (2 patty) bacon cheeseburger. It was quite delicious. It's hard to compare it to In-N-Out burgers. Five Guys reminds me of burgers I would have at a BBQ.. In-N-Out is like diner burgers, but perfection. I wouldn't give up one for the other. Different kinds of beasts. The bacon cheeseburger is a monster though. Impressive.

The Wolverine: International Trailer

It seems like the international trailers give just a tad bit more about a movie. I'm not an X-Men/Wolverine guru or anything, so I'm not so nit-picky about the look & feel of Hugh Jackman in this role. Anyway, the US trailer was okay, the trailer music was better in that one. I like the Japan setting for this movie. Silver Samurai better be awesome.

Hopefully this film isn't like first Wolverine. This trailer is a lot better than the whole Origin film. I honestly forgot about this movie coming out this year, but it's good to know I have another day in the theater in June. May is actually the busiest month for new movies in theaters (Iron Man 3, Star Trek, Fast Six, Great Gatsby, Hangover 3). Busy summer this year.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cinderella Blu-Ray & DVD

I got this during Black Friday weekend, but just got around to opening it. I haven't sat through a whole viewing of Cinderella since I was a kid, so I'm kind of anxious to see the Blu-Ray quailty.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Despicable Me Minions Photo Set

I will be updating this photo set on Flickr periodically, so keep checking back for the updates. :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013


This was a spur of the moment creation when I was looking through my photo archive earlier today. I have loads and loads of photos that are just stored away.. probably will never be used as a standalone photo, just sitting in storage for no reason. Every once and a while I put a picture to use beyond the "this is exactly how I envisioned it when I pressed the shutter button" and slap the good ol' watermark on it.

I know it's nothing super fancy, but I like it. I guess this is an unofficial poster that is officially done by me. Yes, I'm nearly 3 years late, but Inception is one of my favorite films of all time. A dream project of mine is to photograph the filming of a Christopher Nolan film.. or any comic book film involving superheroes that I like (Marvel, preferably). Just to be on set taking pictures would be awesome.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Minion Stuart Unboxing & Review

Last of the batch of Minion toys is Stuart with the fart dart launcher. This deluxe action figure is pretty much the same as the Dave with rocket launcher. The fart dart launcher isn't just a launcher.. it also makes fart noises as well (not impressive sounding farts, but it works nonetheless). You can swap the launchers between Dave and Stuart, but Baby Carl doesn't seem compatible. Stuart also features the eye and mouth gimmick, but the eye blinks instead of looking side to side. 

Check out the unboxing below for more Stuart. :)

Minion Dave Unboxing & Review

Minion Dave with rocket launder is up next.

The rocket launcher is pretty good. It just pops into place on either arm. Dave stands up with any balance issues with the rocket launcher attached (including the rocket loaded into the launcher). A cool feature with this deluxe action figure is the eyes and mouth gimmick when you push on the pocket.

Check out the unboxing below for more Minion Dave.

Minion Baby Carl Unboxing & Review

This is the first of three deluxe action figure Minions. First up is Baby Carl. This one is also a Build-A-Minion, which means you can swap parts on the body to have your own unique Minion. There are 2 modes - Baby Carl and Minion Party. I'm undecided which version I will display, but I'm leaning towards Baby Carl right now.

All of the accessories can be added and removed quite easily. No excessive force needed.. the pacifier was probably the most challenging, if I had to choose one. The articulation is slightly limited compared to the other 2 deluxe Minion figures I have.

The deluxe Minions should be $14.99 retail. Not a bad price. It's a middle ground figure size. There are the smaller figures for $7.99, and the larger ones that talk for $39.99.

Check out the unboxing below. :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Talking Minion Dave Unboxing & Review

Here is the unboxing videos for two of the Despicable Me 2 action figures. I still can't pick which one is my favorite. They're both unique, and it goes beyond how many eyes they have. The Minion eyes are so animated. It's a clever mechanism. A perfect gimmick for these toys.

Taking Dave out of the box was easier than Stuart. There wasn't an annoying cap that wouldn't detach from Stuart's leg (see Minion Stuart unboxing video).

I like Minion Dave because he has all the BANANA phrases. He is also loaded with a bunch of fart noises. The farts range from small farts to mega farts. You never know what you're going to get.

$39.99 is the retail price. I think that is the perfect price.. any price higher, I might have slightly considered waiting until there was a sale (probably not). I'm curious to see if Minion Tim will be $39.99. It wouldn't surprise me if Tim cost a little more because he is a taller Minion than Dave and Stuart.

Keep in mind that this class of Minion does not come with any accessories. Take a look at the deluxe action figures if you rather have accessories instead of sayings/giggles and awesome head movements. My deluxe action figure Minion videos are being uploaded throughout tomorrow.

Check out the unboxing video below. Enjoy!

Laughing Minion Stuart Unboxing & Review

My most anticipated group of toys are here, and I'm finally getting them out of their packaging one by one. The first Minion to be freed was the laughing Minion Stuart. Don't let the $39.99 retail price keep you away. These figures are well worth the price.. and more. The packaging is excellent (Thinkway does not get lazy when it comes to boxes and packaging).

These Minions looks so real in person. I'm amazed at how well the rubber body reacts when you move the head in different directions. Stuart has over 40 sayings/giggles, so unless you press his buttons nonstop all day, he probably won't repeat the same thing back-to-back or so frequently at one given time. This class of Minions toys carry some weight, but it's necessary weight to avoid tipping over easily (there is also the battery compartment that contributes to weight).

This is a must-have for anyone a fan of the Despicable Me movie and future films. I hope they can expand the toy line even more next year, but I'm totally fine if this is the whole crop of Despicable Me 2 toys to come out for a long while.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Despicable Me 2 Toys

These arrived from Toys R Us earlier today. Super fast shipping from TRU (shipped from Nevada instead of Ohio?). Anyway, I'm very excited to have these in hand. This was the coolest preview I saw from Toy Fair last month. Like most people, I'm only interested in the minions.. not so much the human characters.

The video below just shows how TRU packed them in the big box. I haven't taken anything out of their packaging yet, but I will starting tomorrow. I'm very anxious to fully try out the talking minions.

I haven't found any other online websites selling the Despicable Me 2 toys yet. Just Toys R Us. The only minions that I am missing are 2 Tim figures (talking version and deluxe action figure), then I'm pretty much done.

I'll have individual videos for each minion soon. :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Favorite Hot Sauce

Tabasco Habanero is my favorite hot sauce in the whole world. I was a big fan of the original sauce, but this one has been my primary Tabasco bottle at home. Restaurants should have these at the ready. The spicy kick is amazing. Tabasco makes the flavor in their gigantic gallon jugs.. I'd like one of those. It'll probably save some me money. I think I went through 8 of the 2-ounce bottles last year. I'm already on bottle 3 this year.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mulan Blu-Ray & DVD

The day has finally come! Mulan on Blu-Ray is finally here. While I'm not completely impressed with Disney's effort in making this a beautiful package, the feature film can now be viewed in high definition. Mulan II is also included (I see this more as an extra feature). By extra feature, I really mean sharing a title banner with the original Mulan seems unfit. With that aside, I'm just really glad I have Mulan on Blu-Ray. It's one of my favorite Disney movies of all time.

I love the cover art on the slipcover and case. There is no disc art -- very disappointing! I would understand no disc art if this were a recent movie being released on Blu-Ray, but this is a film celebrating it's 15th anniversary. Sure it isn't old like some other Disney classics, but this deserved better. I will still recommend this to anyone that enjoyed the original Mulan movie. This might be the only Mulan Blu-Ray that will ever be released.. unless there is a 3D version coming out years from now.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Little Mermaid 3D & Blu-Ray Coming Soon

Disney has been releasing these ultra-awesome Blu-Ray combo packs of classics every October for the past few years (The Lion King, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast). I was flipping through the little preview/ads booklet that came with the Wreck-It Ralph Blu-Ray. Next to the Mulan Blu-Ray ad was the Little Mermaid 3D ad. I'm pretty sure this is for the theatrical re-release for 3D, which should lead up the Blu-Ray release.

Since I was born in 1989, this was one of the first Disney movies I remember watching.. my favorite princess until Mulan. Maybe they can just be tied for favorite princess. I really like how Disney releases these popular title Diamond Edition Blu-Ray packs during the first week of October. My birthday also falls in the first week, so releases could come out on my birthday (The 2010 Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray was released on my birthday).

I'm pretty sure this will be a 4 of 5 disc combo for the Blu-Ray 3D, Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital copy. It would a 5 disc set if there is a Blu-Ray Extras disc. I haven't seen any of these Disney 3D re-releases in theaters yet, but this is a must-see for me on day 1.

Hopefully Disney picks up the slack by adding movie art on onto every disc this time! Seriously, Wreck-It Ralph only had one disc with art on it. Also bring back the lithographs at the Disney Store.. until then, Amazon will be receiving all my Disney & Pixar orders.

Flashback CDs

I found a CD case filled with music that I listened to during elementary school and middle school. It's mostly Backstreet Boys, N SYNC, and Britney Spears. I just imported a few songs into iTunes just for the fun of it. Now I'm listening to the songs nonstop. All these CDs have been stored away for over a decade, but the lyrics come back to me as if I been listening to this music daily.

Those BSB discs are from a Burger King promotion, and that's Britney Spears first album on the right. I had to look up the info on that BK promo. I remembered they weren't easy to get (there wasn't a BK in town back then). I also found a spindle of CDs that I'll go sift through over the next few weeks. This should be a fun project.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hungerford Charlie Brown Revisited

I made a video about this in January, but I felt like taking some pictures and writing about it this time around. This is a Peanuts figure by Hungerford that dates back to 1958.

Mine is in a decent enough condition, but something this old shouldn't be minty fresh or still sealed in original bag. I'm assuming the majority of these were played with by kids and pets the past 55 years. I've seen a few Peanuts figures still brand new in bag for sale recently, and they sell for $100s more than a loose figure. There must be a market for these if they consistently fetch that much money every time one pops up for sale.

Anyway, I'm quite happy with the one I have. I like the dirt that is mostly noticeable on the flesh-colored parts. It blends in well with the mediocre paint job. I don't plan on getting the rest of the gang to complete the set. I'm not the completist type. Charlie Brown is all I need.

Charlie Brown & Vanellope Von Schweetz

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Iron Man 3 Trailer

The latest Iron Man 3 trailer was uploaded by Marvel's UK YouTube channel. I thought the first trailer a few months ago was great a anticipation feeder. It got my anxious for the next phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

This MCU Mandarin is coming off as just a man that has a powerful presence. He has a plan, but other people carry it out for him. In the first trailer, the Mandarin was just seen sitting down, talking a little bit. In this new one, he continues to talk a bit more, but he also stands up. That's some progress. There are loads of armors shown (even a Hulkbuster?). Pepper looks like she'll have a suit of armor. Happy wasn't anywhere to be seen. Rhodes looks torn between two worlds

Iron Man 3 officially kicks off my summer movie season in May. Star Trek and Fast Six are released later that month as well.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wreck-It Ralph Ultimate Collector's Edition

Wreck-It Ralph arrived earlier today. I'm quite excited to have this on Blu-Ray and in my iTunes library. This was my favorite animated film from 2012, so this was a must-have. Actually, this is only the second Disney movie that was released this century that I have (The Princess and the Frog is the other). The regular Blu-Ray looks and sounds amazing as I'm watching it right now. It's a bit more funny watching it for the second time. 

There was 2 Disney Movie Rewards codes included inside (should only be one!), so that was an unexpected surprised. My only gripe with the product is the 2 discs stacked on each side. I miss the Blu-Ray combos that came with the flap pages that let each disc have a spot on their own.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

TollyTots China Girl Doll Photo Set

I should be done with the initial batch of the TollyTots China Girl doll photos in the next few days. Just keep checking the Flickr album since I'll be uploading them day-to-day until I'm done. Thanks!