Sunday, January 26, 2014

Morrie, My Pal

Woke up to some heartbreaking news earlier this morning. Morrie Turner, the creator of Wee Pals, passed away yesterday. It was such an emotional blow since we became friends over time. Our conversations will never be forgotten. His work will always be remembered. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

The following bit below is a short story on how I met Morrie. It was going to be for an interview/feature that I was planning on doing this year.

Big Wow ComicFest 2013

Morrie, My Pal

Attending comic conventions opens up so many doors to new things. Once upon a time I never really had an interest in comic strips. I was only into the people that worked on comic books. It was at Big Wow ComicFest 2012 when I made it a goal to meet artists that I wasn't familiar with. This is how I came across the table of Morrie Turner. Since comic conventions are a family tradition, my mom was with me when I was skimming through all the artwork and books Morrie had on the table. She pointed out the Wee Pals art to me, explaining how she used to read it when she was growing up. Of course I really didn't know what it was all about at first.
Some of the personal collection
However, I was instantly hooked after reading several strips. A strip that praised anything and everything about a person without looking down on any of it was something I have never seen before. It was refreshing. Whenever I would come across an older strip of his that didn't quite make sense to me, he would have a look and explain what was going on. Sometimes Morrie's son would also chime in as well.

Morrie took an equal interest in me. Striking conversation first since I was a shy person (I kind of still am today). We shared a few laughs. He gave me an original daily strip that I had thought about buying, but just let me have it as a gift. All I could think was this was simply one nice guy.

Afterwards we made sure to cross paths at local events, even at San Diego Comic Con. Each time we picked up conversation from the last time. Our last conversation was about The Big Bang Theory. At the time, he had missed the original episode airing of Bob Newhart's guest appearance, which I told him is one of the best TBBT episodes ever. I guess I'll never know what the next conversation would be about. 'Til next time, Morrie.